Cell Culture Technology Solutions

Pall's Allegro™ single use cell culture technologies are complete solutions that make your total upstream process robust and efficient, from R&D to full production scale. Whether you are growing adherent cells for cell therapy or vaccine applications, or have large volume suspension cell culture requirements, Pall now provides a large range of next generation single-use bioreactor systems offering performance improvements, operational  simplicity, and improved reliability for your critical upstream operations.

Supported by Pall's Process Development Services, Pall's solutions will take your process to the next level.

Development Scale
Production Scale
All Applications
Characterize and Scale-up
Recombinant Protein, MAbs, Vaccines
Achieve Higher Cell Densities
Viral Vaccines, Gene Therapy
and Cell Therapy

Scale-up Adherent Cells
Micro 24 Microreactor
Run up to 24 experiments with independent control of each reactor
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Allegro XRS Bioreactor
For improved cultivation of mammalian cells in suspension culture
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Xpansion® Bioreactor
Controlled growth of adherent cells – ideal for cell therapy
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PadReactor® Mini Bioreactor
For small scale cGMP batches and scale-up to >1000 L
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PadReactor Bioreactor
Low shear stress for handling of sensitive cells or for culture of adherent cells
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SoloHill® Microcarriers
Ready-to-use, high performance microcarriers
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iCELLis® Nano Bioreactor
Develop your process or run small scale cGMP batches
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Allegro STR Bioreactor
With intuitive handling, enhanced process safety and excellent cell culture performance
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iCELLis Bioreactor
Fixed bed for maximum simplicity and success rate and minimal footprint
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