XRS 20 바이오리액터 시스템

Unique agitation improves cell culture performance

The XRS 20 Bioreactor System is a new single-use bioreactor system with unique agitation and control properties designed for the cultivation of mammalian cells in suspension culture under controlled conditions and suitable for applications ranging from general life sciences research to seed train operations and full GMP production at the 2 to 20 liter scale.

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Comprised of three components (XRS 20 Platform, XRS 20 Controller, and Allegro™ XRS 20 Biocontainers), the XRS System produces superior performance (as measured by higher density, better cell viability, and higher expression levels) compared to competitor rocker systems because its unique Bi-Axial agitation produces shorter mixing times and higher mass transfer properties.

The XRS 20 Bioreactor System incorporates a number of other features to ensure easy operation, robust performance, and suitability for GMP operations:
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XRS 20 Platform
Bi-axial agitation (rocking motion on two horizontal axes at 90 degrees separation) Improved agitation properties: shorter mixing times and higher mass transfer rates
Fully enclosed platform with safety interlock Improved operator safety, suitable for production environments, protects light sensitive culture media
Allegro XRS 20 Biocontainer
3 dimensional biocontainer design Superior mixing (with bi-axial platform), robust in operation
Biocontainer with integrated optical sensors, integrated filters, pre-assembled tubing sets True single use system, ease of installation, minimal turn-around time
Gas inlet and exhaust filters are integrity testable, sterilizing grade 0.2 μm Improved suitability for GMP operations
Integrated bottom drain with rotary lift valve Improved suitability for GMP operations, minimal hold up volume, ease of use
Multiple liquid addition ports:
  • Main liquid addition line with female CPC
  • Reagent line 1 with female luer
  • Reagent line 2 with female luer
  • Accessory port with female luer
Improved ease of use, easily handles fed batch operations, acid/base pH
control feeds
Integrated single use pH and Dissolved Oxygen (DO) sensors Ease of use and reduced probability of contamination
Integrated sampling port Ease of use - Very low hold up volume (less than 5 mL), capable of sampling without stopping agitation
Single-use biocontainer built with Allegro film Assurance of robustness, quality and supply, track record of use of film in GMP operations, validation guide available
Advanced, full function, small footprint controller with touchscreen interface Easy to use, but with powerful control capabilities (below). Touchscreen simplifies setup, calibration, operation, alarms, trending and process data collection
3 thermal mass flow gas controllers Accurate 3 gas mixing and flow control, programmable
Full function control software
  • Powers intuitive graphical displays, including synoptic view, summary screen, trend graphing
  • Enables automatic process control of agitation, temperature, pH, DO, gas flow and mixture
  • Allows on-screen calibration for sensors and pumps
  • Supports user definable P&I settings for fine tuning of process control loops
  • Customizable alarms for process monitoring
  • Customizable loop trending for up to 8 variables, simultaneously
  • Stores up to 10 user-definable recipes Assigns peristaltic process pumps for additions and harvest
  • CFR21 Part 11 compatible. Multilevel security to limit setpoint control access
Integrated USB ports Rapid, easy data collection and software updates
Convenient access to utility connections Quick set up and easy maintenance
In-line container pressure monitor with relief valve System robustness – prevents over pressuring of biocontainer

Tubing management system In-process sampling Drain and optical sensors
Tubing management system In-process sampling Drain and optical sensors