Allegro™ STR 200 Single-Use 교반 탱크 바이오리액터

A new dimension in single use cell culture performance

When working with cell culture, there are many critical parameters to determine: the selection of culture media, the optimization of cell culture conditions, and most importantly, the avoidance of contamination. Pall understands these process requirements and has developed a novel single-use bioreactor system that allows users to focus on optimizing the application rather than on the mechanics of bioreactor installation and operation.
Pall has a comprehensive portfolio of advanced single-use solutions for cell culture applications

특징 및 장점

특징 장점
Biocontainer and baffled tote with square design and bottom mounted, large format impeller with direct mechanical connection to drive motor Excellent mixing and mass transfer characteristics, efficient for either upflow or downflow operations
Biocontainer packaging integrates tubing, filters, and aseptic connectors in foam inserts; color coded connections to system utilities (air, sensor and liquid lines) Packaging protects biocontainer during transport and facilitates rapid installation
Biocontainer designed with 9 liquid feed ports, headspace and direct media spare ports, up to 4 conventional probe ports, 2 sampling ports, 2 vents with integrated filters, ring sparger, gas overlay and open pipe sparger Fully configurable biocontainer suitable for production operations from simple batch to complex fed batch applications
Full function process controller with graphical user interface, 4 thermal mass flow controllers, 4 pumps, PID control for key process parameters (temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen), software 21 CFR 11 capable Very easy operation in production environments, fully capable for GMP environment operations and easy compliance with electronic batch records and documentation requirements
Controller software with OPC capability Choice of turnkey operation or integration into site level supervisory and control systems, with full 21 CFR 11 capability in either mode