Pall Customer Training

About Our Program

  • Our programs are designed to ensure optimal use of your training budget
  • Ensure optimal use of available time, minimizing disruptions of manufacturing operations
  • All courses designed by industry experts in the subject matter
  • All courses developed by experts in instructional design theory and application to ensure maximal knowledge and skill transfer
  • Classroom/Laboratory trainings led by experts in pharmaceutical and biotech industry and undergo rigorous a Train-the-Trainer program
  • Each course enables 1:1 discussion with our training experts
  • Classroom training can be held locally or at a Pall specialized training facilities
  • Classroom/Laboratory trainings are offered in small groups in order to maximize learning
  • eLearning solution is scalable for any number of participants
  • All courses include online assessment and automatically generated (PDF) and printable course/program certificates.
  • All training assets incorporate provide learner feedback to provide statistical data to you and us on course and trainer effectiveness

참고: Your Pall point-of-contact can work with your local training department to ensure our courses and programs meets any and all of your specific knowledge and skill requirements.

Our Current and Upcoming Training Program Offerings

Course Classroom With eLearning Virtual
Integrity Test Training 가능 가능 Theory only
Tangential Flow Filtration 가능 in preparation in preparation
크로마토그래피 가능 in preparation in preparation
Basics of Filtration 가능 in preparation in preparation
검증 가능 in preparation in preparation

Customer Training that is Focused, Flexible, and Fully Equipped to Meet Your Team's Knowledge and Skill Enhancement Needs

In the Life Sciences industry, effective training is essential in assuring a proper understanding of background theory, skills, competencies, and best practices for first line staff and managers in production as well as technical roles.

We at Pall understand these needs and have empowered you with a secure and centralized, online learning management portal. The portal, called the Pall Learning Center (PLC), is where all of your Pall training assets are located. The PLC offers the ability to assign, deliver, schedule, manage, and track virtually any type of training asset or event; all with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

The PLC is also positioned to provide you and your team with flexible learning opportunities. Our training courses and programs are available in a variety of delivery formats including eLearning, Interactive Classroom/Laboratory sessions, Webinars, and even Virtualized Laboratory Training courses. By offering learning in this blended approach we are better able to meet you and your Team's budget and time constraints; while also ensuring our training assets are targeted to your Team's knowledge and skill enhancement needs.

Flexible Learning Opportunities

Blended Learning Program
E-Learning and Interactive Classroom/Laboratory Training bundled together. Theoretical content available as on-demand, eLearning course(s), completed at the learners convenience, and Interactive Classroom/Laboratory training delivered either at Learners' work place or Pall Center of Excellence.

"Traditional" Classroom Training Program
All inclusive - theory and application bundled together in the classroom. Assessments, Survey, and Certificate are completed and available online, on the PLC.

Virtual Training Program
All inclusive - theory and application bundled together and completely online. Accomplished via eLearning and virtual video-based training for application-based concepts.