Sentino 필터 디스펜서

Simple design, reliable dispense

  • Easy to load — Simple loading and unloading of refill pack at any point during use.
  • No jamming — Guide plates assist loading and keep refill web in alignment during use to avoid jamming of the instrument.
  • Soft touch keypad — Aseptically dispense a disc of membrane at the touch of a button.
  • Designed to hold 200 membrane discs — Saves time by eliminating interruptions to reload dispenser.
  • Compact design — Small footprint frees valuable bench top space and provides flexibility in arranging workspace for optimal efficiency and workflow.
  • Miniaturized refill pack — Sized to minimize storage space resulting in less packaging material waste.
  • Portable — Use plugged into main power source or charge battery for use anywhere. Indicator lights let you know when the battery charge is running low.
  • Easy to clean — Sanitize with standard laboratory disinfectants.