Use of Acrodisc® Syringe Filters for Analytical Sample Preparation, Including HPLC and Dissolution Testing


Pall Life Sciences offers a broad range of analytical sample preparation products to protect your analytical instruments and ensure the integrity of your analytical results.

Within this Technical Guide, you'll find Pall quality certifications, performance studies, and useful selection criteria to help you choose the right product for your situation and provide documentation for its use in your lab. This technical guide is also ideal for reviewing filtration requirements and performance criteria with new lab personnel.

This extensive information is designed to move your research forward and help you run a more efficient lab.

We hope you find this tool useful in your lab. For further assistance, contact your local Pall Life Sciences Technical Service department.

The technical guide is divided into several useful sections.

  • Pall's product quality assurance and certifications reassure you of our commitment to detail.
  • Why filtration is necessary.
  • Main considerations for choosing the best filter for your application.
  • Improving HPLC column life by as much as 46 times through accurate pore size ratings.
  • Minimizing the occurrence of extractables for less chromatographic interference.
  • Reducing API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) adsorption.


Acrodisc Syringe Filters for Analytical Sample Preparation: 품질 보증 및 인증


여과: HPLC의 예방적 유지 관리


How to Choose an Acrodisc Syringe Filter for Analytical Sample Preparation


시린지 필터 효율 및 여과가 HPLC 칼럼 수명에 미치는 영향


시료 조제 도중 분석 무결성 유지


용해 테스트 시 시료 조제를 위한 다양한 필터의 적합성(약물 결합 기준)


제품의 특징

Features and Benefits for Pall Life Sciences' Products

특징 이점
Pall Life Sciences is a cGMP compliant facility and
ISO 9001 certified.
Superior quality systems in place to ensure highest
quality products consistently.
Acrodisc PSF is available with single-layer or built-in
multi-layered glass fiber prefilter.
Easier filtration of difficult-to-filter solutions.
Acrodisc PSF is designed for automation and Automation
Certified by Caliper Life Sciences. Packaged with
AutoPack™ packaging.
Provides reliable and consistent performance in
automated applications. Filters can be placed directly
on the Caliper Life Sciences workstations.
Acrodisc filters are designed for high operating pressures
with an integral membrane seal.
Assures high retention efficiency and housing will not
burst during use.
Acrodisc filters offer better retention efficiency.

Longer HPLC column life. Less HPLC maintenance.
Less chromatographic interference.

Available with HPLC certification or IC certification. More consistent chromatography with less
extractable interference.
Pall Corporation is the largest membrane manufacturer
in the world.
We maintain control over membrane manufacturing
to assure consistent membrane with the highest quality
at all times. We have 50,000 material combinations to
find a solution for every customer's needs.
Pall sells products into all aspects of the drug
development pipeline from discovery to delivery.
We fully understand customers’ needs and
requirements, and share that knowledge across
divisions. We are regularly audited by the FDA, and
large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies,
with no “483’s” in over ten years of successful audits.

구조물 자재

HPLC & IC Certified Syringe Filters

Pure polypropylene

Nylon: hydrophilic nylon
PVDF: hydrophilic polyvinylidene fluoride
PTFE: hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene
GHP: hydrophilic polypropylene
IC: Supor®, hydrophilic polyethersulfone
Glass Fiber: hydrophilic borosilicate glass fiber

Female luer lock inlet; standard male luer or minispike outlets


Acrodisc PSF Product Specifications (25 mm Syringe Filter)


화학적 호환성 가이드