Pall-Aquasafe™ AQF4A Disposable Water Filters


Pall-Aquasafe™ AQF4A Disposable Shower Head Filter
AQF4A Filters

Disposable Shower Head Filter (AQF4A) – 31 Day Use

The Pall-Aquasafe Water Filter for up to 31 day use (AQF4A) provides filtered water for topical use, personal hygiene. The double layer sterilizing grade Supor® membrane is rated and validated at 0.2 μm and provides a barrier against bacteria, fungi, protozoa and particles which are larger than 0.2  μm. 

교차 오염과 retrograde 오염을 위험을 최소화 하기 위해 필터 하우징 재료는 향상된 비 침출 제균 첨가제로서 실버 기술을 이용한다.   

특징 장점
Barrier against waterborne contaminants Removes bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and particles
Validated double layer sterilizing grade filtration
with integral pre-filter
Documented performance, validated according to international requirements
Enhanced bacteriostatic efficiency of
99.99% for Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Bacteriostatic additive throughout housing material, minimizes risk
of inadvertent cross-contamination and retrograde contamination
Increased longevity Cost effective protection, easier logistics, reduced waste
Fully recyclable materials 환경 친화적
Water saving quick connect adaptor option Cost saving, environmentally friendly
Compatible with common systemic heat
and chemical disinfection
Complementary to standard sanitization programs