OEM - 미디어 멤브레인

OEM Product Development

Design engineers face challenges we can address

Design engineers are continually faced with an increasingly difficult task—creating a superior product that can be priced to compete in today’s demanding marketplace. Achieving this goal requires exceptional materials with proven performance, reliability, and consistency. All of Pall’s proprietary filtration, separation, venting, and protection media is designed, developed, and manufactured under the strictest quality controls.

Working in partnership to address unique applications

Materials must be carefully selected for their effectiveness in particular applications. Each application is unique, and media selection is an art as well as a science. We work in partnership with customers to assess their specific needs and help them select the appropriate materials.

At the forefront of media development

Pall understands these challenges and has solutions. Our innovative media can enhance your product as well as improve development and manufacturing processes through reduced costs and greater efficiency. Regardless of the type of product or application, our large selection of high-quality media and extensive experience in media development and manufacturing enables us to provide you with unique, practical, and effective solutions.

Technology Platforms

  • Membrane manufacturing
    Our manufacturing facilities are equipped to produce custom membranes in accordance with ISO9001:2000 certified Quality Management Systems.
  • Fibrous media manufacturing
    Pall supplies a broad range of patented and customized meltblown, wetlaid, and airlaid media.
  • Sintered media manufacturing
    Our polymeric sintered media and our metallic sintered media meet demanding requirements for performance and cleanliness.
  • Engineered solutions
    We offer engineered solutions for the unique needs of diverse markets.


  • Providing functional materials for your challenging applications is our core business.
  • A clean industrial process is a better process, especially where sensitive components are concerned. We can help you achieve this goal.
  • Our media performs exceptionally well in various energy applications, including those using gas separation.



  • Overview
  • Learn about the unique features of the Schumasoil®  well screen that enable its flow characteristics to be matched to the formation.
  • Schumasoil® Well Screen Posters
  • Brandol® diffuser media and Aerolith® ceramic media are highly effective in the aeration of wastewater.
  • The Versapor® R membrane  Versapor® TR membrane  and the Supor ® R membrane  membrane have both oleophobic and hydrophobic properties and are used in venting applications.
  • Highly permeable and very strong, Accusep®  inorganic membranes are used in self-cleaning backwash and reverse-flow blowback applications.
  • Die cut and slit parts are available in any Pall media. Contact us about customized media.
  • Find information about the chemical compatibility of some of our media in the Chemical Compatibility Matrix.
  • Consult Pall's Sealing Guide  to determine the best sealing method for your application.

We're Here to Help

Our technical specialists, scientists, and engineers have advanced training and years of experience in materials science and manufacturing processes. Ongoing and effective communication among our R&D scientists, technical experts, field engineers, and sales professionals ensures that our customers benefit from the most recent developments in membrane, fibrous, and sintered materials.

We keep our finger on the pulse of media technology, tracking global trends and identifying new opportunities across all industrial markets. Our innovative media enable customers to develop and manufacture new products, or to manufacture existing products in a new way, with the resulting opportunity for expansion into new markets and overall business growth.

Pall offers a variety of services to assist you in product development. Please contact us for more information.

Versapor 800R membrane prevents moisture intrusion and stabilizes temperature.
Supor 450R membrane prevents moisture and particular contamination.